What we do

The more people know about their financial and credit health, the easier they can buy, borrow and get access to financial services. Array makes gaining that knowledge possible.

After running tens of millions of credit reports, we’ve perfected a platform that democratizes data accessibility while securing privacy and consent. Now you can know more, with less worry. Let’s protect your data and make sharing frictionless.


Experienced. Adaptive. Intelligent. We’re here to help you get closer to your consumers.

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    Martin Toha


    With 21+ years of experience starting businesses including OrderMachine, Voip.com, Pentius and now Array, Martin is a serial entrepreneur. He’s run development, product and marketing teams for his own startups, through several years of growth, choosing now to focus his attention on Array.

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    Phillip Zedalis


    As a technologist and entrepreneur, Phillip is obsessed with designing scalable systems and delightful experiences for businesses and consumers. He enjoys automating systems, leading teams, and enabling developers to do their best work.