Credit data is sensitive data. It’s our biggest responsibility.

The three big credit bureaus capture personal information about your credit and finances. For companies to access that data and offer it back to you in interesting and helpful ways, they have to comply with strict industry standards and security protocols. The average business, like an app developer or publisher, can’t commit the time or money to comply.

Array is a leader in handling consumer credit data.

So various companies partner with Array to empower users with access to their own credit and financial data. We’ve already done the heavy lifting. For over a decade, we’ve built strong relationships with all three bureaus to safely and securely “pull” consumer credit and financial information. Apps leverage Array to make it easier and more cost-effective to give you personalized information to help you make better decisions about your financial well-being.


What this means for you

In short, Array helps the businesses and apps you love share more information about you... with you. This is personalized credit and financial information that you might not be able to easily or inexpensively access otherwise.

Security & support

We’ve powered tens of millions of reports over the years, so you can be confident in Array security and performance. We meet PCI-level 1 security requirements and host all data, which means the app you’re using doesn’t have to. If issues arise, we’re here to help.


Designed with your security in mind

Your data is powerful—and no one should access it without your permission. That’s why our security practices meet or exceed industry standards.

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    We encrypt your data to ensure it’s secure. We undergo third-party audits regularly.

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    The app displaying your data does not have access to it.

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    You have the ability to control which apps you use, and what data to pull.

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    We only share your data with you — never with a third party without your permission.

Our Commitment

Helping protect you against data breaches and identity threats.

  • Data Security

    We are certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification for data security available in the financial industry.

  • Identity Protection

    Array is a leader in identity protection services, which means we take all possible measure to ensure your identity remains secure.

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