Furnish data to the bureaus to help your customers build their credit history and to better enable collections.

You can report the following types of payments to the bureaus:


Auto loan and lease

Student loan

Personal loan

Buy Now Pay Later

Rent Payment and eviction

Homeowners Association Dues


You can also report collections to the bureaus

We'll set up your data furnishing and manage ongoing reporting operations.
Services include:
Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Array meets with you to review your data reporting needs. We'll develop the best approach for you and get you started.

Manage your bureau application

Manage your bureau application

Array guides you through the application process to help you get qualified to report loan and payment information to the credit bureaus.

Data checks & Metro2 translation

Data checks & Metro2 translation

Array has decades of experience examining, cleaning and converting data. Array converts your data into the complex Metro2 format that the bureaus require for data transmission. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and fines.

Dispute management

Dispute management

Array’s FCRA-trained experts are your first line of defense for credit disputes. They field the initial request, investigate the issue and work to resolve it, while meeting all regulatory compliance requirements.

Property managers can now report tenant rent payments

Mandated rent reporting may be coming

In 2021, California passed SB 1157, which requires large property managers of subsidized housing units to offer rent reporting. If you manage rental property, Array can help you prepare for and comply with this regulation.

Encourage accountability with your tenants

When you report your tenants’ rent payments, they may be more inclined to pay their rent on time to keep their credit standing strong.

Help your tenants build credit history

Reporting rent payments helps your tenants build their credit history. It can also help you retain tenants by differentiating you from other rental properties in your area.

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Datalinx has been supporting clients for nearly 20 years and reports to all four major credit bureaus: Equifax®, Experian™, TransUnion®, and Innovis.

Datalinx works with financial institutions, collection agencies, retail stores, auto dealers, landlords, property owners, property managers, payment processors, utility companies, and more. Essentially, Datalinx is an important tool for any business that extends consumer credit.

Datalinx is now a part of the Array family.
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