Identity theft is more prevalent than ever. Offering identity protection tools and services is a helpful and valuable way to support your users, and ensure their identities remain safe. But developing and deploying these services seamlessly alongside your core business can be incredibly time consuming, and expensive.

We’ve got a smart solution.


Protection promotes trust & loyalty

Deepen your relationship with users via identity protection tools that spot fraud and alert users immediately. Empower users to be proactive about their security with features like credit locks and identity theft insurance. Stay with them for the long-haul by offering our ID restoration services so they can get back to normal quickly.

Give users what matters most — peace of mind.

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We’ve got you covered

Use our credit and identity protecting features to alert your customers, prevent fraud and be there to resolve problems when they need you the most.

Industry-leading protection technology ensures your customers trust and increases your ability to further engage and provide value.


Your focus, your market, your tools

No matter where your business focuses or what’s on your to-do list, Array offers a whole range of personalized credit and financial data tools to help you grow your business.

Create engaging experiences. Expand revenue possibilities. Implement it all with ease.

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