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Gain instant insight into a complete picture of their credit health and use simulators, scenarios and disputes to make critical improvements.

Leverage Array credit services via a ready-to-go white label site, customizable embedded tools or an API.


Better information for better support

To remain competitive, financial institutions have to continuously improve their products. We’re here to help. Every day, we build new tools that help FIs create a better experience for existing customers, acquire new customers and ultimately grow their businesses.


    Real estate

    Enable clients to pull their credit reports with ease to provide a clear and comprehensive view of what has impacted their credit, and how you can help them repair it.


    Law Firm

    When a client files for bankruptcy, accessing credit information is an important part of initiating the process. Give clients a way to obtain their credit reports in just a few clicks.


Integrated tools to create personalized insights & recommendations

With our pre-built web and native components, you can create fully customized experiences that deliver the exact credit data your clients need to achieve their goals.

  • Credit score simulator

    Find scenarios and make smart moves to impact credit scores.

  • 3B report + score

    Get a complete picture of one’s credit and score from all three bureaus.

  • Credit report disputes

    Remove and improve items negatively impacting credit scores.

  • Credit lock

    Enable a credit lock to control new applications and inquiries and boost security.

  • Credit monitoring

    See daily changes to credit reports at all three credit bureau.

  • Credit score tracker

    Understand how credit scores evolve and improve over time.


    A full suite of credit tools at your clients’ fingertips

    Empower your clients to take control of their credit and financial health. Give them easy access to a variety of pre-built tools and white label sites.

    Leverage Array to enhance how you support your clients.

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