Streamline costs & development time to launch more quickly

Financial Institutions have up to 75% of their budgets consumed with maintaining their legacy infrastructure.

Array lets you innovate outside the constraints of legacy systems and reduce the time and investment required to develop and maintain your own platform.

Why work with us


    Increased customer engagement

    Keep your users and customers inside of your ecosystem.


    Higher retention rates

    Reduce customers leaving your business to find information about their financial lives.


    More trust

    Let your users help you build your business by referring customers.


    Increased customer revenue

    Increase users’ satisfaction with your product and inspire them to return for longer periods of time.


    Organic customer referrals

    Give users and customers a better experience and watch referrals grow.


Array unlocks your ability to continuously improve

According to Andreesen Horowitz, up to 75% of an IT budget can be spent on maintenance. Array unlocks a financial institution’s ability to innovate.

    Speed to market

    Be up and running in a matter of days not months.

    Eliminate security risk

    Our multi-layer data security and tokenization platform eliminates the risk for your financial institution.

    Pay as you go

    Keep costs down by paying for only the credit data that your customers use.

    Speed to revenue

    Turn on customer accounts and start generating revenue within 24 hours.

    Continuous innovation

    Eliminate the need to invest in future product developments and ongoing maintenance.

    Capital light

    Skip the upfront capital intensive investment required to get up-and-running.


A complete suite of tools

To remain competitive, financial institutions have to continuously improve their products. We’re here to help.

Every day, we build new tools that help FIs create a better experience for existing customers, acquire new customers and ultimately grow their businesses.

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